Comparable Benefits with Easier Qualifications

Although the market for Jumbo loans is bouncing back for traditional banks, Carrington Mortgage Services offers borrowers a better-priced alternative – Carrington Prime Advantage℠ – that has comparable benefits with easier qualifications for loans up to $2.5 million. Dare to compare!

piggybank “The Bank” partnership Carrington
One loan up to 85% LTV? No

Yes We offer up to 85% LTV

DTI’s Up to 50? No Yes
FICO’s as low as 660? No Yes Our minimum is FICO 660
Less than a 2-year Income History? No Yes We allow 1-year of tax returns or W-2s to verify income
Qualify with bank statements? No Yes We allow 12 & 24 months of personal or business bank statements
12-month mortgage history? No Yes We only need a 12 month mortgage history when others need 24 months!
Less than 7-year BK and FC Seasoning? No Yes We require only 48 months seasoning for BK, FC, Short Sale, Modification or Deed In Lieu
Quick Approvals? Some may Yes Since we underwrite and service ourselves, we control the turn times!
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