About Us

About Us


Launched in 2018, Carrington Correspondent is dedicated to bringing the highest value to non-delegated correspondent lending. We work diligently with our valued Sellers in establishing an on-going partnership to build growth and profitability.

The Carrington Family of Companies

Carrington operates multiple affiliated operating companies, with branch offices nationwide. At our core, we consider asset management to be one of the most important things we do. To learn more visit: www.CarringtonHC.com.

The company’s nonprofit organization, Carrington Charitable Foundation, contributes to communities across the United States through causes that reflect the interests of Carrington Associates and leaders. For more information about Carrington Charitable Foundation, and the organizations and programs it supports through specific fundraising efforts, please visit: CarringtonCF.org.


Initial Submission

4 Days


4 Days

RM Conditions Review

2 Days

Conditions Review

4 Days

Closed Loan submission

4 Days

Closed Loan Purchase Review

8 Days

Closed Loan Condition Review

1 Day