Announcement 19-0036: Philadelphia, PA Title Searches


The City of Philadelphia has advised that currently, all computer systems in the Prothuonotary’s (Chief Clerk’s) office at city hall, as well as all court websites are down. Due to this issue, the city is unable to complete any title search orders at this time. The city hall advised Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC (CMS) the computer systems might not be restored to normal working order for several days. Until the situation is resolved, CMS will be monitoring the city’s computer systems and will have any orders back as soon as they are back up.

This situation should not impact any closing loan files with searches that are within an acceptable effective date; however, it may impact loan files that require title updates or new loan files received over the last week and going forward until the city can resolve the issue. At this time there is no specific timeframe for resolution.


Please contact with any questions. Carrington thanks you for your business.