Announcement 19-0023: Updated FEMA Disaster Declaration for Nebraska

Correspondent Announcement

Updated FEMA Disaster Declaration for Nebraska

April 1 2019



Due to severe winter storms, straight-line winds, and flooding in Nebraska, FEMA has declared the following counties a disaster. Updated counties are shown in bold.

Incident Period: March 9, 2019


FEMA Disaster Declaration



March 21, 2019

Boone, Buffalo, Butler, Cass, Colfax, Custer, Dodge, Douglas, Knox, Nemaha, Richardson, Santee Indian Reservation, Sarpy, Saunders, Thurston and Washington

Please note:

·      If an appraisal was completed prior to the incident date of the disaster, a re-inspection will be required.

·      If an appraisal was not required due to a property inspection waiver or product type, an inspection report is still required.

·      Regardless of whether or not the transaction requires an original appraisal, an inspection will be required up to and including 90 days from the date the natural disaster occurred, prior to the Note date.

For further guidance and loan property requirements refer to the Declared Disaster Policy published on


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