Announcement 19-0017: Non-Borrowing Spouse Credit Authorization


Non-Borrowing Spouse credit history is required for FHA, VA, and USDA full doc loans when the subject property is located in a Community Property State. When credit history is required for a Non-Borrowing Spouse in one of the Community Property States listed below, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC will require a copy of the Non-Borrowing Spouse signed authorization from the Correspondent Seller. Please note, only Applicants may provide verbal credit authorization, verbal authorization is not permitted for a Non-Borrowing Spouse. Sellers can obtain a fillable pdf of the Credit Authorization from CorrIQ to send the borrower for the Non-Borrowing Spouse to complete and sign authorizing the Seller to pull credit. The Non-Borrowing Spouse must complete the form with their Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and Current Address where shown below. USE OF THIS FORM IS NOT REQUIRED, THE SELLER MAY PROVIDE THEIR OWN AUTHORIZATION SIGNED BY THE NON-BORROWING SPOUSE.

Community Property States

  • Alaska
  • Louisiana
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Wisconsin
  • California
  • New Mexico
  • Idaho
  • Texas


A fillable PDF version of the Non-Borrowing Spouse Credit Authorization Form is available on the Resources > Forms page.


Please contact with any questions. Carrington thanks you for your business.