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May Ends With Rate Relief

This past week interest rates moved lower on optimism the debt ceiling will be lifted and on surprisingly low inflation out of Europe. Let’s discuss what happened and investigate the week ahead. Debt Ceiling Fix Coming  As of this writing, the House of Representatives passed a bill to suspend the U.S. debt limit through the […]

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Memorial Day - A Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day was declared a federal holiday in 1971 and commemorated on the last Monday in May. Enjoy the unofficial kick-off of Summer and remember those who perished serving our country. Debt Ceiling Debate Failure to reach a deal..."Would be a negative signal of the broader governance and willingness of the U.S. to honor its […]

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Debt Ceiling Impacting Rates

This past week interest rates ticked higher in response to the still unresolved debt ceiling debate. Let's look at what happened last week and discuss events to watch for this week. Debt Ceiling Fallout As of this writing, there has been no resolution to the debt ceiling debate, where Congress and the White House agree […]

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Inflation Continues To Ease

This past week, mortgage rates held near the best levels of the last several months in response to the lowest inflation reading in two years. Let's discuss what happened and have a look at this week. Inflation Moving Lower The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for April, a closely watched reading on consumer inflation, was reported […]

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Fed Hikes Rates For Tenth Time

This past week the Federal Reserve raised rates for the 10th time in a little over a year. Let's discuss what happened and see what this week has in store for us. The Last Hike? As we expected, the Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds Rate to a range of 5.00% - 5.25%. Remember, this […]

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New Home Sales Grow As Economy Slows

Home loan rates continue to stabilize ahead of this week's Fed Meeting. Let's discuss what happened last week as we await yet another Fed rate hike Wednesday. New Home Sales Soared In March Housing continues to show some positive signs lately, thanks to the decline in mortgage rates. This week, New Home Sales for March […]

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Inflation Lingering, Fed Officials Singing

Last Week in Review: Inflation Lingering, Fed Officials Singing Last week multiple inflation readings came in higher than expected and home loan rates ticked higher. Let's walk through what happened and what to watch in the week ahead. "More upside inflation surprises could make Fed Policy more aggressive." Ohio Fed President Loretta Mester. What happened? […]

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Fed Chair Powell Moves the Markets

"Time To Moderate Pace of Rate Hikes May Come as Soon as December Meeting" - Fed Chair Powell Nov 30, 2022. This week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell spoke, and interest rates touched the lowest level in almost 3 months. Let's discuss what happened and look into the week ahead. On Wednesday, November 30th, the anniversary […]

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Powell Press Conference Shakes Markets

Last Week in Review: Powell Press Conference Shakes Markets             This week interest rates revisited 2022 highs in response to the Fed meeting, where the Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds Rate by .75%. Let's discuss what happened and investigate the week ahead. "It's very premature in my view to […]

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Central Bank Step Down

Last Week in Review: Central Bank Step Down           This past week we watched interest rates improve nicely on the notion that central banks around the globe will be hiking rates less going forward. Let's break down what happened this week as we approach the important Fed meeting next Wednesday. "We've […]

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