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Lessons Learned as March Begins

This past week, interest rates held steady amidst a slew of market-moving events. Let's discuss what happened and see what lies in the week ahead. Fed Has Been Right Over the past couple of months, the bond market has adjusted to the idea that the Fed will only be cutting rates three or four times […]

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More Money More Problems

This past week home loan rates ticked higher in a week filled with some negative surprises. Let's discuss what happened and look at the week ahead. Another $1T Please Earlier in the week, the Treasury Department surprised the financial markets when they stated they need $1T to fund the government from August to October. The […]

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Powell Press Conference Shakes Markets

Last Week in Review: Powell Press Conference Shakes Markets             This week interest rates revisited 2022 highs in response to the Fed meeting, where the Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds Rate by .75%. Let's discuss what happened and investigate the week ahead. "It's very premature in my view to […]

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Central Bank Step Down

Last Week in Review: Central Bank Step Down           This past week we watched interest rates improve nicely on the notion that central banks around the globe will be hiking rates less going forward. Let's break down what happened this week as we approach the important Fed meeting next Wednesday. "We've […]

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A Big Fed Rate Hike - What's Next?

The Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds Rate by .75% in a widely expected move while home loan rates continue to be well off the highest levels in June. Let's discuss what the Fed Chair Powell said in his press conference and what it means going forward. Boom The Fed raised the Fed Funds Rate […]

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It's Fed Week

Last Week in Review: It's Fed Week The quiet before the storm. This past week, Fed officials were literally "quiet" with no speeches ahead of next week's Fed Meeting where a .75% rate hike is widely expected. Let's discuss what will be an important week ahead. Another Big Fed Rate Hike Coming For the first […]

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Uncertainty Surrounding Inflation

Last Week in Review: Uncertainty Surrounding Inflation This past week we experienced a couple of soaring inflation numbers which has injected new uncertainty surrounding inflation peaks, Fed rate hikes, and the likelihood of a recession. Let’s discuss what happened and what to watch for in the coming weeks. Consumer Prices Soaring The headline Consumer Price […]

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Recession, Retreat, Restrictive

Last Week in Review: Recession, Retreat, Restrictive This past week was filled with “R” words, including the growing fears of a global recession as economic data around the globe points to a slowdown. Let’s discuss what happened and the big events to watch out for next week. Recession The dreaded “R” word has gained steam after […]

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Celebrating Independence Day

Last Week in Review: Celebrating Independence Day The Fourth of July, Independence Day or July 4th was first recognized as a federal holiday in June of 1870, but the tradition of the 4th celebrations dates back to the 18th century and the American Revolution. On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of […]

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Powell Delivers Halftime Report to Congress

Last Week in Review: Powell Delivers Halftime Report to Congress This past week Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell delivered his semi-annual testimony to Congress on Capitol Hill. Let’s walk through what the Chair said and how the financial markets reacted as well. “At the Fed, we understand the hardship high inflation is causing. We are strongly […]

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